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Our new exterior facelift is complete!

Thanks to Northwoods Landscaping, our entrance area has received a brand new look designed to promote a serene and welcoming environment for your companions!  Check out some pictures, or better yet stop by for a visit and see what we've been up to.  If it's been a while you may be surprised by how much has changed!



What is AAHA?

Preventative Care

Meds & More

Urgent Care

Preventative medicine is the best defense against health issues down the road.

Rockwood Hospital for Pets is proud to be AAHA certified, but what does that mean?  Find out here.  Read about our recent re-accreditation here.

We have our own in-house pharmacy so your prescriptions are filled while you wait.

When things go horribly awry with your pet's health, time is of the essence.  Walk-ins are always welcome at Rockwood Hospital.

Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, or other furry companion isn't feeling well. That's why we at Rockwood Hospital for Pets, strive to be the one and only pet clinic you'll ever need. Because we are a full-service clinic, your pet can get everything from nail  trimmings to digital radiography to surgical procedures and dental work all under the same roof.


We have three  experienced veterinarians on staff and a full compliment of Certified Veterinary Technicians to ensure the best of care for your pet, with the most advanced diagnostic equipment, training, and facilities in the area.

Hello! We are an AAHA accredited small animal hospital located in the city of Merrill, Wisconsin. We offer full surgery, medicinal and dental services, including digital radiography and the latest in veterinary technology.